Americans Are Starting a Fitness Revolution

Every person who went to the gym before the pandemic will know that it represents a fundamental cornerstone of human life – self-improvement. Those who attend the gym are looking to improve themselves for the better, which is why it would have been such as disappointment when the lockdowns forced gyms to close. This meant that the millions of Americans that used to go to the gym for the express purpose of working out were left without facilities. While those who were interested in cardio could just run in the park, gym-goers who were interested in areas of fitness such as strength training would have been left wanting.

The lockdowns were hard on everyone, especially the more extroverted among us. Those who had to stay at home would have turned to activities such as online gambling to pass the time, especially in places like Nevada, more information can be found here, though there was a bigger event that happened over this period. As people could not go to the gym but they still needed to work out, many decided to make their own setup in the home as a temporary stopgap before gyms opened. What they did not realise is that creating a home gym had an endless series of benefits that would eventually make standard gyms obsolete.

Last year, health and fitness equipment revenue more than doubled to $2.3 billion in the US. This represents a growing trend within the gym community – more people are starting to make the move over to home gyms. The reasoning behind this is clear. There is nothing that standard gyms do better than home gyms, except when it comes to the quality of the equipment. Obviously, a higher budget means better quality equipment can be sourced, but irrespective of this, the home gym always works out to be cheaper than attending a traditional one. This is because of the reoccurring cost of membership, alongside travel expenses which can add up over periods. All the cost from a home gym comes from the equipment, and there are no additional costs apart from replacing it.

Additionally, the added convenience that comes from investing in a home setup is simply immeasurable. Those gym enthusiasts who go after work will know of the influx of people that typically happens in the evening time. For many, this is the only time that they can attend the gym, and so they will be faced with countless people all vying for the same equipment to use. A packed gym can lead to increased workout times, and certainly a small (or large) amount of frustration. It comes to the joy of many to learn that the home gym offers none of these annoyances as the residents of the home will be the only people that have access to it. This means that the equipment will always be free, the environment will always be clean and quiet, and gym-goers will be free to work out in peace.

The gym industry is faced with a clear problem in the face of this growing trend. It will need to change radically if it hopes to compete with the prospect of people working out from their homes.

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