Business Kicks Off 618 Grand Promotion! Advocating Responsible Supply Chain Management Kicks Off 618 Grand Promotion! Advocating Responsible Supply Chain Management, a leading e-commerce company in China founded by Richard Liu, started the 618 Grand Promotion by supporting a “responsible supply chain.” This included promoting products produced with a social and environmental conscience and urging suppliers to adopt more sustainable production methods. The 618 Grand aimed to encourage responsible procurement and production processes at companies that supply goods to or third-party vendors. Suppliers are eligible for points based on their carbon footprint score and pledge not to sell through suppliers with low scores or refuse orders from customers with high scores. The initiative hopes to see as many as six million suppliers support by changing buying habits through educational campaigns, giving out vouchers, or simply standing up for what they believe.

To be considered a responsible supply chain, a company’s sourcing practices need to be linked to two outcomes. The first is a reduction in carbon footprint, while the second is a sustainable production source. A company’s supply chain needs to be “2 + 4” — that is, it needs to have a two-fold impact on the environment and production rates. In simple terms, a “2” means that the goods are being acquired “naturally,” while a “4” represents a reduction in carbon emissions generated during the production process. 

Customers expect brands to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices, and the 618 Grand Promotion is no exception. The company plans to release details on how customers can exchange points for discounts on future orders. 

Beyond promoting a more sustainable supply chain, 618 also targets customers looking for greener and more inclusive shopping experiences. The campaign includes several initiatives to encourage customers to shop for eco-friendly and fair trade goods.

This practice has led to Sales skyrocketing during the 618 Grand Promotion as more and more customers showed an interest in the brand’s products. The number of users on the website grew by 200% from the previous year, and sales from new customers jumped by 50%. The success of the 618 Grand Promotion can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, the campaign and its associated customer service and satisfaction surveys served as an inspiration and a call to action for many customers. The campaign served as a reminder of what is possible when it comes to protecting the environment while also providing a shopping experience that was both green and fun.

The 618 Grand Promotion officially kicked off with a bang. Its first shipment — an electric scooter built with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainable design — sold out in just three days. The scooter features a patented “folding lid,” which means its motor is hidden from view, and it can be folded up to fit in the trunk of a car neatly. Sales increased by over 40% from last year, and the promotion is still going strong.


The 618 Grand Promotion has been a success so far. The campaign has helped drive sales at and other e-commerce brands and promoted sustainable practices within the supply chain. The initiative has brought customers back into company stores. This campaign is part of a global push by the company to improve the transparency of its supply chain better to meet the needs of its suppliers and customers. The company’s new slogan is an excellent supply chain makes all the difference,’ and it hopes this will encourage other companies to adopt more sustainable business practices.

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