Lifestyle Thrive Now: How To Grow Young to an Old Age

Thrive Now: How To Grow Young to an Old Age

The Price of Business Digital Network has a new series of outstanding commentaries from thought leaders.  This is one in that series. 

Discover your ultimate guide to achieving longevity, health, vitality, and happiness. Through the latest research and expert insights, you’ll discover the science of aging and learn how to slow down or even reverse the aging process. But it doesn’t stop there. You can create your personal roadmap to health, vitality, and happiness in as little as 30 minutes. And the best part? I’ll share my Inner Circle of Longevity Thought Leaders who are experts in the amazing, cutting-edge technologies and information becoming available to us. Whether you’re 17, 70, or 117, we will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to thrive and grow younger every day. 

George Bentley is a successful serial entrepreneur, nationally recognized author, attorney, lecturer, aging-in-place specialist, and consumer advocate. He has extensive training and experience in law, business, psychology, learning and wellness technologies, personal growth, and human development. A former law professor and radio talk show host, he was once referred to as the “last real Renaissance Man” by US District Court Judge Henry Woods.

George’s passion for helping seniors and boomers maintain their independence in their homes stems from his experience of losing his mother after an avoidable injury. He has conducted countless interviews and provided advice to thousands of seniors, their adult children, and caregivers, and is a leading expert on healthy aging and senior issues.

As the CEO of Bentley Wellness Technologies, Inc, he researches and reviews the huge flow of new “pro-aging” technologies coming into the market to help advise and direct consumers. George also helps seniors and boomers maintain their independence in their own homes with ADA-compliant walk-in bathtubs, transition tubs, and safe bathing appliances.

This experience led him to design and develop the Medical Hydrotherapy® Program, a groundbreaking treatment method intended to combat age-related health issues and help the elderly and physically challenged live in their own homes. The program has garnered such positive feedback from the medical community that almost all doctors have prescribed it to their patients who want to enroll.

Drawing on his extensive background in psychology and the law, George has also created some of the country’s most innovative and successful training programs. He is the creator of “Operation Y.E.S.” (Youth Empowered to Succeed), an award-winning program designed to help at-risk youth. The program was so successful that it was awarded a sole source contract to deliver to USDA Job Corps, where it was credited with taking some of the lowest-ranked Job Corps centers into the upper rankings in a very short period.

George’s expertise in conflict management has played a significant role in his career. He formed BeyonDispute, Inc. in 1985, one of the very first dispute resolution companies in the US. He trained and supervised judges, attorneys, and professionals all over the country in mediation and conciliatory dispute resolution skills. He has been credited with helping to resolve many complex, multi-party, highly emotional disputes and lawsuits. He has been retained to create and deliver training programs for many of the nation’s leading companies and government agencies on such topics as communication skills, team building, productivity, conflict management, medical malpractice, employment discrimination, and dispute systems design.

Despite his impressive resume, George is an approachable and fun-loving person who is always willing to help others. His passion for helping people succeed is evident in everything he does, and his ability to connect with people on a personal level is truly remarkable. Whether he is working with a small group or an entire organization, George always goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone he works with is happy and successful.


George Bentley is a powerful choice for any speaking or training project. With his diverse background in longevity, health, aging, relationships, psychology, and business, he is a true expert in his field. Whether you need a keynote speaker, help with a complex business dispute, want to develop a custom innovative training program, or seek to improve the lives of those important to your business, George has the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you succeed.



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