Lifestyle Top Financial Planning Strategies for Self-Employed Professionals

Top Financial Planning Strategies for Self-Employed Professionals

The Price of Business Digital Network has a new series of outstanding commentaries from thought leaders.  This is one in that series.


Leland Gross, CFP® EA

Leland Gross, CFP® EA, provides comprehensive wealth management services tailored for self-employed professionals. In this insightful interview, Leland shares crucial financial planning strategies to help small business owners achieve their financial goals. The discussion covers essential topics such as effective business structuring to maximize efficiency, optimizing tax planning to reduce liabilities, and strategic account structuring to enhance financial growth. Leland emphasizes the importance of extracting the maximum value from your business to build the life you desire, offering practical advice and actionable steps to ensure long-term financial success and personal fulfillment.

Leland Gross, CFP® EA, is the founder of PeaceLink Financial Planning and the host of The Self-Employment Success Podcast. With nearly a decade of industry experience, he has been recognized as one of Inside Business’s Top 40 Under 40. Leland is an authority in the financial planning field, being frequently featured in outlets like US News & World Report, MarketWatch, and Investment News. His expertise in wealth management, business structuring, and tax optimization empowers clients to maximize their financial potential and achieve long-term success.


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