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How Did Aliens Assist With the Integratron?

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Welcome to the latest episode of Igniting Your Dynamic Self with Wendy Bjork. As an international bestselling author, inspirational speaker and founder of, her mission is to uncover ancient knowledge so women may take charge of their health holistically to feel confident, have clarity and be inspired to live with joy and simplicity.

Whenever a new space movie hits the theaters, it is likely to raise questions about alien contact. But science fiction fans have a homegrown episode to watch: the story of George Van Tassel, an Akron, Ohio man who claimed to be given plans for a fountain of youth machine by aliens while meditating under Giant Rock in the California desert.

Van Tassel was a reputable engineering executive with the clean-cut look of a midcentury company man. His resume included jobs at Lockheed, Douglas Aircraft and Howard Hughes’ aviation business. But his spiritual leanings were esoteric. In 1953, he moved with his family to the Mojave Desert town of Landers, California. There, on Aug. 24, 1953, he was awakened by a visitor from space. The occupant of the flying saucer, whom he identified as a Venusian, informed him that Earthlings’ reliance on metal building materials interfered with radio frequencies used for interplanetary “thought transfers.”

Upon his return to Giant Rock, Van Tassel founded an airport and incorporated an organization called the Ministry of Universal Wisdom, which promoted scientific philosophies. He also began work on a large dome-shaped device, which he named the Integratron. It was designed to recharge the body’s cells, bringing about longer life and youthful energy.

The Integratron is a one-of-a-kind structure designed to double as an electrostatic generator and a time travel machine. It was built over a 20-year period by Van Tassel, who claimed to receive telepathic instructions from extraterrestrials on how and why to build it. Constructed of wood and fiberglass, its fashioned without any metal fasteners. The height is 35 feet with a diameter of 55 feet. It contains 16 rectangular windows to provide 360-degree views of the desert. The building’s acoustics are near perfect, and a speaker in the center of the dome emits frequencies that are said to heal and rejuvenate. But George Van Tassel died in 1978, before the project was finished.

The building has sat empty for years, but now it is a nexus of wellness and a popular spot for sound baths. It attracts a curious mix of visitors, from well-heeled spa devotees to raggedy yogis and a Peruvian shaman. A British rock band and a girls’ choir have both performed there.

In addition to offering sound baths, there are weekly lecture series on topics like “the science of sound” and how sound can change reality. And the Integratron itself is a marvel of engineering and design.

Did aliens really assist with this marvel in the Mojave? It certainly is an interesting account!

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