Lifestyle Pushing Out Pollution for a Happier Space

Pushing Out Pollution for a Happier Space


Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Wendy Bjork.

The Wendy Bjork Commentaries

Today we are discussing a topic few people are concerned with, yet it can make a huge impact on your health, happiness and overall well being! 

Welcome to the latest episode of Igniting Your Dynamic Self with Wendy Bjork. As an international bestselling author, inspirational speaker and founder of, it is my mission to empower women feeling lost in the medical system who want a holistic approach to their life. To feel HOPE: harmony, options, peace and empowerment to help others along the way.

In this exclusive edition, hear about the pitfalls to indoor pollution in homes and take note on easy ways to flip the switch.

We should love coming home to a Balanced Home. It’s not just about how big or well-designed it is, a home is supposed to create feelings of balance and wellness. 

Most people believe Balance is only related to the interior decorating style. However, The concept of balancing is also applied to the energy of a space. An energetically balanced home is one that has positive, life-enhancing qualities and is free from harmful energies and chemicals. This type of balancing can be accomplished through de-cluttering, rearranging furniture and removing synthetic products that are harmful to everyone. 

 Does A Balanced Home Encourage Family Stability?

One way to balance your home is to create rituals and traditions that foster a sense of community. Whether it’s a Friday night movie night, an annual Christmas tree cutting or a weekly backyard game, establishing a series of family traditions will bring a sense of calm and a clear focus to your home. By establishing a set of family traditions, your home is transformed from a utilitarian space into a memory bank that stores the love and cherished moments you share with your loved ones.

A balanced home also includes a streamlined and thoughtful arrangement of personal possessions. While you don’t want to remove all your treasured belongings, getting rid of those things that no longer serve a purpose will create more room for the items that do. This simple act can have a profoundly positive effect on your mental and emotional health.

Most modern homes have a higher indoor pollution level than the outdoor air, mostly contributed by the high level of insulation and an overload of synthetic cleaning, laundry, personal care products, candles, air fresheners, plug ins and pesticides.

As we welcome the freshness of spring, why not give your home a little  home makeover’ and bid farewell to harmful, chemical-laden products? 

Most products on the market today contain synthetic fragrances, and are a blend of hundreds and hundreds of different chemicals.  We know In the US there’s been almost 90,000 synthetic chemicals concocted, released, used in our country since World War 2, this is unbelievable all of this has happened in only 80 years!

When you buy that pine scented floor cleaner, or apple pie scented candle, the fragrances were created in a lab. And everything we inhale is absorbed into our cells in a matter of seconds. The side effects of these concoctions is there’s now millions of people with asthma, allergies, chronic illness and the list goes on..  with the huge chemical toxin burden some people carry around, it takes just one more event to develop something really serious like the C word.  It’s really frightening. 

Pest Control: Another example is each spring when the annoying pests arrive, it’s a good time to look at what preventatives and repellants you are using on your family and plan ahead.  There are a lot of studies being released that show using products with DEET are not  good for anyone and the bugs are becoming resistant to the chemicals.  Keeping them off of you with plant based formulas that are their natural deterrents are not only better for you and your pets but for the environment as well.   This is another small change that can have a big impact.

What you use in your yard for repellants affects the air you’re breathing, but the water you’re drinking and the birds, butterflies and bees.  Replacing with organic products that won’t harm the environment is what’s needed to keep the bees and butterflies from becoming extinct.

Our homes should be a place where we feel safe, a place where we can go to take refuge from the world around us. The products we bring into our homes should not threaten that safety, but sadly, some of them do.

Going forward, It’s all about finding a good, trustworthy source so you don’t need to worry about harmful ingredients sneaking in. For more guidance on this topic, head to It’s time to clean up our living spaces!

Read more on the how lavender oil became a remedy 100 years ago:  https://usathe-chemical-burn-saved-by-lavender/

To support you on this path, download your copy of the 30-Day Journal + Blueprint Bundle Towards Living Your Best Life at It will support you by taking small steps daily towards a better view of yourself with improved self talk, writing your weekly goals and celebrating your weekly wins. Discovering and living by your personalized playbook are important steps we can create together!


If you feel a self-paced approach with Wendy’s support would be helpful in reaching your goals, you can head over to the Hearts of Wellness Membership Collective and begin your journey back to simplicity, freedom and wholeness!

As a pioneer in advocacy and mentorship, Wendy is leading a global revolution of women walking in purpose and peace as she illumines their path ahead with the light of HOPE:  Harmony, Options, Peace & Empowerment.


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