Business,Media,News Leading Republicans Get Broad Support in Effort to Check Government Growth

Leading Republicans Get Broad Support in Effort to Check Government Growth

This week, Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX)  and Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) introduced the Maximizing America’s Prosperity (MAP) Act:

“Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem; and the best way for Congress to approach this issue is by committing to smarter federal spending caps,”said Congressman Brady. “I introduced the MAP Act to put America’s budget back on a path to sustainable financial solvency. It is my hope that Congress can come together to pass this act swiftly and finally rein in federal spending.”

“As a Main Street businessman, I believe we need to reduce runaway federal spending and address our national debt and the MAP Act provides Congress with the tools to accomplish this goal,” said Senator Braun. “This commonsense bill will cap federal spending, then cut any spending over the caps, which will ultimately lead to a balanced budget.”

Click here or above to watch the press conference.

Both H.R. 3930 – the House legislation – and S. 2245 – the Senate legislation – have multiple cosponsors.

“One of the most fundamental duties of congress is to ensure the fiscal solvency of our nation,” said Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH), original cosponsor of the House bill. “This is a plan that says we have to work together as a country on this incredibly pressing issue – because it’s not compassionate to bankrupt America.”

Senator Todd Young (R-IN), original cosponsor of the Senate legislation, said, “As a father of four young children, one of my greatest concerns is our nation’s skyrocketing debt being passed down to the next generation. We must get our fiscal house in order and rein in the true drivers of our debt. The MAP Act is a commonsense solution to help get us on the right track.”

Here’s what supporters are saying:

Jason Pye, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, FreedomWorks“The MAP Act is one good idea from Europe that we should seek to adopt, because it’s a way to address the remaining budgetary challenges and stabilize federal spending to ensure that opportunity and prosperity is there for our children and grandchildren.”

Jonathan Bydlak, President, Coalition to Reduce Spending: “For those of us who care about our economic well-being, legislation like the MAP act is critical and we’re enthusiastically in support.”

Brandon Arnold, Executive Vice President, National Taxpayers Union: “The MAP Act is a fantastic piece of legislation because it answers the question of ‘what is next?’ for this Congress to start to restrain spending. If we don’t answer that question, we’ll be back here in two years when the debt ceiling is reached.”

Ted Ellis, Coalitions and Government Affairs, Americans for Prosperity: “Americans for Prosperity applauds Congressman Brady and Senator Braun for recognizing that America is on an unsustainable fiscal trajectory, and we’re ready to work with them – and any other member of Congress – to put America on the right fiscal path.”

Lee Schalk, Senior Director, ALEC Action: “American families and business could never survive operating like Congress. For them, racking up debt leads to serious consequences. Today the federal government is racking up record high revenues because of the strong economy – it’s the perfect time to begin balancing the budget.”

Tom Schatz, President, Citizens Against Government Waste: “The MAP Act safeguards taxpayers against irresponsible increases in federal expenditures, encourages healthy budgeting, promotes transparent accounting practices, and provides a framework to keep lawmakers in check.”

Tim Andrews, Executive Director, Taxpayers Protection Alliance: “This is an act that will provide a clear pathway that will once again restore fiscal sanity, and we urge everyone to support this commonsense act.” 

Aaron Stover, Director of Federal Government/Corporate Relations, The Heartland Institute: “States like Colorado have approved legislation to rein in spending, so why can’t we do this at the federal level? We strongly support passage of the MAP Act.”

Click here to learn more about the MAP Act and why it’s a better way to cap federal spending.

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