Business,Lifestyle,Media,News Leading House Republican from Texas Calls on Fellow Delegation to Stand for its State

Leading House Republican from Texas Calls on Fellow Delegation to Stand for its State

Today, Congressman Kevin Brady (TX-08) joined a group of Texas Republicans on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to demand Congress address the ongoing crisis at our southern border.

On the crisis at the border:

In all my years in Congress, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite as inhumane and cruel as what we are seeing from House Democrats today. They are determined to deny humanitarian aid to these migrant families on the border as well as the support funding we need to be able to deal with this ever-growing and seemingly endless crisis.” 

On partisan politics:

This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats because the Republicans and Democrats came together already in the Senate and voted overwhelmingly. They found common ground. Why can’t we in the House?” 

On the need for Texas Democrats to fight for our state: 

“So to my Democrat colleagues in Texas, I would implore you to stand up for our state. To stand up to Nancy Peloci and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Tell them you will no longer stand meekly by and watch them deny food, medicine, and shelter to these migrant families and their children. Stand up for our state, be the better person we know you can be.”

UPDATE: Congressman Brady released the following statement following House passage of Humanitarian aid:

“I am thankful that my Democratic colleagues recognized the humanitarian crisis on the border is real and requires swift legislative action, and I applaud the Texas Representatives who voted to put our state before party politics. While this bill is not the end-all solution, it’s an important first step in fighting to end this crisis.”

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