Business,Lifestyle,Media Leading Workplace Psychologist Releases COVID-19 Survey Indicating Autonomy is Crucial for Happy Employees

Leading Workplace Psychologist Releases COVID-19 Survey Indicating Autonomy is Crucial for Happy Employees


Results of Global Survey Previewed on The Price of Business Show

Dr. Craig Knight

On a recent Price of Business program, Host Kevin Price visited with Dr. Craig Knight of Identity Realization. Knight provided an interesting preview of a major announcement the company will soon be making.


New, world-leading research from Identity Realization demonstrates that whether working from home or the changing, Covid-19 office; the key to good performance – and the key to success for every business – is ‘happiness’ powered by employee autonomy.  Results of this global study were shared on The Price of Business show today, and will be released globally on Tuesday, July 28th.

Running a survey and an experiment titled, “Covid-19: The Value of a Creative Culture,” Identity Realization enquired about the population’s emotional and mental temperature, and its intellectual performance as people contemplated a return to workplace.  The project explored the upsides of working from home and the elements of the old workplace that employees were missing, as well as the psychological effects of Covid-19 on feelings, performance and function.

During lockdown, a happy employee was seen to be autonomous, and connected to both friends and colleagues.  Pandemic notwithstanding, these psychological engines delivered a strong sense of wellness.  This in turn, meant better engagement across the organization, less stress, higher feelings of creativity and sustained performance. Unhappy workers, meanwhile, suffered across all fronts including their noticeably inferior intellectual performance.

“Our research found that organizations should allow conversations, stop monitoring and allow autonomy; all of which results in a happy and engaged employee,” said Dr. Craig Knight, Founder of Identity Realization who is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, and Registered Occupational Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council, as well as an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Exeter. “The results of the research were dramatic and found that happiness is engendered by a combination of active social and business connections, and of being allowed to manage the work flow as the employee saw fit.”

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