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Shining Light in the New Work World

By Mary Ann Faremouth,


The Summer Solstice is approaching. It’s that powerful planetary moment when the tilt of the Earth brings us closest to the sun. This event always occurs in June. It’s supposedly the longest day of the year and is always about light – a celebration of the return to light. It may even be a “nudge” of sorts to powerfully remind us of the light within each of us and the full potential of that light to allow us to awaken our own sense of identity and cosmic unity.


With it being the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere, it’s a day that has been celebrated since ancient times, when we feel a new season has truly begun after a long cold winter. In a metaphorical sense with the experience of Covid the last several months, I think we are all ready for a new season of light and positive illumination upon us.


This summer solstice this June may well be really ushering in a new season that is all about the rebirth nature has to offer. Let’s investigate how one of the earliest astronomical observations in human history might have a deeper meaning for all of us as it applies to the New Work World. Let’s look at some of the spiritual meanings behind the summer solstice and take a closer look on how this new illumination might shine some new light on our career world to make our journey going forward a more hopeful and expansive experience as we navigate our way toward the last half of 2021, and beyond.


1. Honor the Sun

The summer solstice is a celebration of the sun. It’s a celebration of the return to light, and it also powerfully reminds us of the strong light within each of us and the full potential of the light to shine. We have the power to “flick that switch” on and have it shine not only radiantly for us, but in a way we may use that light within to make a valuable contribution to the workplace and to the greater good for our company and the planet. Can you ask to take on a new project in your department? Can you assist that co-worker who has been working much overtime and learn a new skill as well?  How can you make a determined efforted to find a new light in your work environment that will bring about more positive and perhaps even profit enhancing results?


2. It’s a Time of Rebirth

How can the summer solstice be a time for you to investigate how you can resurrect interests and passions to meet your own long-term goals to get you more into alignment with who you are?  How can you cultivate a wider scope in your work life that may allow you to experience more joy in your career? What is currently out of alignment with who you would like to become in the professional sector of your life going forward? What could you do that would new and expansive in your career world?


3. Honor the Changes

Overall, the summer solstice represents change. It signifies the changing of the seasons, the Way the Earth turns. It’s been quoted by several famous people that “The only constant is Change.” While the experience under the rays of the warm Sun is wonderful and bright, eventually we will reach a point where we have harvested and expressed ourselves to our Maximum capacity and the time will come to go within again. What new aspects were you able to tap into and expand or improve with all the changes you have endured?  What new project had you or perhaps still can investigate that might bring you more joy and fulfillment that you may not have had the time to discover before the change?  Make friends with the changes in your life and honor them for the new aspects of you they may have brought to the surface.


4. Welcome the Transformation

The changing seasons not only represent our move around the sun, but they also are reminding us about the internal growth we, as human beings, have the opportunity to experience. Honoring the sun celebratory events is a good way to get ourselves aligned with the forces of nature as each new season ignites a transformation to our own new landscape around us and resonates with an inner shift or change we are allowing to happen.  Whatever the method, we are able to experience a place of intention of our dreams and exciting new visions that the change in our normal routine allowed to happen.


Ask yourself what you are going to do this upcoming summer solstice to learn and grow? How will you focus your energy and open yourself up to the many possibilities life has to offer. Make this once-a-year opportunity an important time to refocus on your goals and open yourself to an exciting new beginning or recessed passion that excites your soul. Look to nature as our reminder of powerful illuminating new beginnings to allow us to become our best self and in the process extend ourselves to help others and make a valuable contribution to the world and shine that illuminating and energizing light especially in the New Work World!  Welcome this chance to awaken and expand your new identity and cosmic awareness.


Mary Ann Faremouth 

Mary Ann holds a CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) credential, was certified by the Board of Regents of the National Association of Personnel Consultants in Washington, D.C., and was awarded an Advanced Communicator Bronze,  Advanced Leader Bronze Awards by Toastmasters. She cofounded Jobs: Houston magazine in 1997. Mary Ann maintains affiliations with professional organizations, including oil and gas, financial, construction, IT, and structural, mechanical, and civil engineering. (

Mary Ann’s award-winning first book Revolutionary Recruiting has been listed by Book Authority as Number #1 Best 100 Recruiting Books; #1 Best Seller, Non-Fiction, Amazon (2019); Top 20 Recruiting books, Recruitics; Readers’ Choice finalist (2019), Houston Literary Awards; Best Non-Fiction (2018), Best Cover (2019), and Best Self-Help (2018), Authors Marketing Guild. Her books support individuals and corporations, tap into each candidate’s unrealized potential to find the right person for each job, maximizing both employee satisfaction and the employer’s bottom line. Mary Ann showcases her expertise of the recruiting world on a monthly podcast for The Price of Business and weekly articles for USA Business.  Her new workbook, Revolutionary Reinvention, was recently released on Amazon. Mary Ann lives in Houston, Texas.

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