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Why Wait for Your Now

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JaTaun Noelle

A dream deferred is not a dream denied! Do you have a dream you want so bad that it keeps you up at night just thinking about it? Well, what are you waiting on? Now is the time to go after your big dream. Today is the day to burn down the walls of fear, self-doubt, and procrastination. I can help you shed fear, self-doubt, and procrastination. Your dream is the flame. I am the accelerant you need to light your dream on fire. I have the tools to help get your dream back. You are ready! Contact me today!

Company Bio

MY NAME IS….JATAUN NOELLE I am a self-motivated and enthusiastic 16+ year career professional with a positive “can do” attitude and proven ability to ensure and produce successful projects. I started out as a mentor to my siblings and other members of the community which then helped align me with a “by chance” opportunity to be a wedding planner. That opportunity then sparked my desire to plan and design private parties and corporate functions.  As an events planner, I found myself constantly engaged in mentoring my clients in their careers and educational pursuits. That engagement created avenues for me to help them pursue their dreams. So it was then that I decided to make mentoring a part of my career. 

Becoming a motivational speaker came many years later. Being a motivational speaker wasn’t something I aspired to do. How could I? For one I was shy and absolutely didn’t like talking in front of people. Plus, half the time I couldn’t even motivate myself let alone someone else. But with many life trials came lots of victories. With victories came testimonies. Over the years I was able to shed my shyness and lack of motivation. Fast forward to today and now I’m motivating thousands of people via social media platforms, through my different businesses, and various community outreach programs. For all of my businesses and outreach work….

MY FOCUS…to bring out the best in every person & project

As a Motivational speaker – I inspire change through one on one consults, keynote speeches and seminars

As a Mentor – I guide mentees using spiritual & career advice

As an Entrepreneur – I coordinate weddings, private events & corporate functions 


FaceBook: JaTaun Noelle

Instagram: jataunnoelle

Twitter: JaTanNoelle

LinkedIn: JaTaun Noelle


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