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Know Your Human Design! We Are Multifaceted!


Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, welcomed Cynthia Appiah to provide another commentary in a series.

The Cynthia Appiah Commentaries

There’s a certain feeling you get when you know your human design. We humans are multifaceted beings with many different aspects to us! 


Hello and welcome to Get Empowered & Get The Crown with Cynthia Appiah. I am Cynthia Appiah, the CEO, and founder of Beauty From Within Coaching & Consulting LLC, your one-stop empowerment center.

Have you ever heard people say “Focus on one thing “

Oftentimes, people who can only focus on one thing project their limited views on others who can multi-task and multi-focus. To be honest, when I hear “focus on one thing” in my mind, I always say I respectfully disagree, and respond, you have to know your human design.

Before I ventured on to the wonderful journey of entrepreneurship, I hired a business coach to help me design my programs. The coach told me to focus on one thing because that was how I was going to grow, the coach told me I had to choose what program I wanted to focus on because I had many passions and a plethora of talents. Her stating to me that I had many talents, was a great compliment; however, knowing my human design — manifesting generator, I knew that it was not possible for me to just focus on one thing. I am aware of who I am, and I know what makes me unique is being multipassionate and multitalented. I am an individual who sees things in a system. I can multitask and multi-focus extremely well. Like a computer’s desktop, where you are able to see all the folders, labeled, and organized with each piece of information, that is how my brain compartmentalizes every piece of information, that is how I see things so for me, based on my human design, it is completely normal for me to handle multiple projects seamlessly because that’s who I am and that is what makes me happy, so when the coach was telling me to focus on one thing that was limiting me, and limiting the potential influence my business can have on the world.

There are many people who are able to multitask and multi-focus, yet we shrink ourselves to try to fit into a society that tells us to pick one specialty, one expert area. Being multifaceted allows us to explore and discover various aspects of life. Each one of us has unique passions and interests that may span across different domains. Embracing our multifaceted nature enables us to pursue these diverse passions and have a richer experience of life. When we engage in different activities, we gain new perspectives, challenge our thinking, and develop a well-rounded understanding of the world.

Being multifaceted equips us with the ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. In today’s fast-paced society, where the only constant is change, the ability to adapt becomes a crucial skill. By being multifaceted, we are not limited to a single path or career. We have the ability to pivot, learn new skills, and take on new challenges with confidence. The versatility that comes with being multifaceted allows us to navigate through different industries, seize opportunities, and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive job market.

That feeling when you finally Embrace Your Multi-Passionate Nature.

A message to my readers: Know Your Human Design! We Are Multifaceted!

Human Design is a comprehensive and integrative test that combines elements from various ancient and modern disciplines to help individuals understand their unique personalities, decision-making processes, and life purpose.

When I took the human design test, I became aware of my human design, Manifesting Generator. Manifesting Generators are known for their multiple interests and their ability to multitask. By embracing this aspect of my design, I have become more confident in my abilities, and understand how to show up and provide empowering programs to my beauties ( my clients).

For anyone who is interested in learning about their Human Design, and how to best show up in the world, please visit: and find out your purpose and message you would like to share with the world.

It’s not about focusing on one thing, but about fully expressing your diverse interests. Don’t be afraid to experiment and learn new things.



Thank you for listening! This is Cynthia Appiah with Get Empowered  & Get The Crown!  Until I empower you again, please visit our website:  and please follow me on Instagram @amma_gynmea

Cynthia Appiah, MSW, CLC,  founder of Beauty From Within Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Cynthia has helped her clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. She has spent 10 + years helping individuals to create a lifestyle of success and balance. Throughout her life, people have always gravitated towards her for support and guidance. Because of her natural intuitive ability, she started a career as a social worker helping each person become the best version of themselves. As a social worker, she realized that she had a gift for empowering people to succeed and guide their life. Her goal is to use her entertainment platform to inspire ambitious women and pageant beauties to embrace their beauty from within. She is a sought-after pageant judge, motivational speaker, branding & marketing expert, top content creator for an AI photography brand, and creative visionary of CynthiaTV.


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