Lifestyle Why Do We Find Symbols Fascinating?

Why Do We Find Symbols Fascinating?

Welcome to the latest episode of Igniting Your Dynamic Self with Wendy Bjork. As an international bestselling author, inspirational speaker and founder of, her mission is to empower women to take charge of their health holistically so they can feel confident, have clarity and be inspired to live with joy and simplicity.

Symbols Are Everywhere

The power of symbols is more important than you may have realized. The main language of the universe is symbols, we automatically respond to them, even on a cellular level. 

Many of the things around us serve as symbols that signify something. These could be animals, plants, colors, shapes or even words. Some of these symbols are more meaningful to a certain person than others and can trigger certain emotions or memories. Symbols can be used in various contexts for different purposes such as branding, communication or standing as a memorial. People often downplay the importance of symbols and their meanings but they do hold a significant role in our daily lives.

Symbols are often more memorable than words because they offer visuals that help convey ideas. They also tend to be unique and tied to one concept, whereas words can have multiple meanings. For example, a person might remember the symbol for YouTube because it’s an icon that resembles a video player. They might also remember symbols for the planets. These symbols are often recognized across cultures and have been in use for as long as civilizations have existed. Even a stop sign is recognized all over the world.

Sacred Geometry – How Geometric Symbols in Nature Help Us Understand Life 


Sacred geometry are powerful symbols that bridge science and spirituality. They are found throughout nature and permeate our cultural, religious, and spiritual traditions. It’s also a key design element in modern architecture and interior design.

Humans are naturally drawn to geometric shapes. They’re proportionate, harmonious, and beautiful to the eye. But beyond that, they’re a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all things.

Geometric symbols appear in everything from flowers and fruit to spiral galaxies. The ancients understood this and used geometric patterns in their buildings, temples, and art to represent the idea that all life is interconnected. 

The foundational shapes of Sacred Geometry are circles and lines. When combined, they form the Flower of Life, which is one of the most profound symbols in sacred geometry. The Flower of Life is composed of 13 interconnected spheres that represent the cycle of creation and the balance of all things in the universe.

Another essential shape of Sacred Geometry is the square. Often associated with stability and structure, the square is a core component of many forms of Sacred Geometry such as Metatron’s Cube and the Tree of Life. It also plays a role in the well-known DNA double-helix, which perfectly matches the Golden ratio. (More on this topic in the future.)

Hexagons are another common geometric shape that we can find in nature. They’re found in beehives, snowflakes, and even free-floating bubbles turn into hexagons when they mash up against each other. Hexagons are also used in many forms of sacred geometry, including the Seed of Life and the Tree of Life.

The Seed of Life is a fundamental geometric shape that represents the interconnectedness of all living things. This symbol consists of seven overlapping circles and is a visual representation of the creation process. The Seed of Life is linked to the Flower of Life and is seen in numerous cultures across the globe.

There are symbols everywhere, and we could discuss them for hours. The important note is to get outside more often to notice the symbols around you. What do you notice? What do they mean to you? Having a journal or notebook to jot your thoughts in is a great idea as well.

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