Business,Lifestyle,News COVID-19 Sales, Marketing, PR, Advertising and Customer Service Strategies For Small Businesses

COVID-19 Sales, Marketing, PR, Advertising and Customer Service Strategies For Small Businesses

By Jim Talerico,

For many businesses, the Covid-19 Coronavirus has caused a change in how business will be conducted in the near-term. Those businesses that pivot are going to weather this crisis better than those who do not. For businesses struggling to adjust to this new paradigm, here are a dozen Covid-19 business development ideas:


  • Post Covid-19 Compliant Signage – on your web page and in front of your building announcing that you are “Covid Compliant And Open for Business,” in addition to posting timely Covid-19 instructions being practiced in your area for visitors.
  • Change Your Recorded On-Hold Phone Message to a Timely Covid-19 Supportive One.
  • Engage in Regular Covid-19 Marketing Communications – produce Covid-19 Marketing EGC’s (Employee Generated Communications,) like YouTube videos and BombBomb video emails illustrating how your employees have adjusted to help customers during this crisis.
  • Introduce New Products & Services to Meet An Immediate Customer Need – these approaches could include offering masks or hand sanitizer with your company logo, selling gift cards, offering specials, and/or providing 90-day free financing.



  • Build Stronger Business Relationships – by offering pro bono services, through continued communications / support, donations, community service, etc.
  • Reach Out to New Market Niches and Call Back Inactive Customers to See How You Might Be Able to Help Them Through This Crisis.
  • Strengthen Your Existing Marketing Presence – by soliciting Covid-19 online reviews, more testimonials, and/or expanding both your social media contacts and content.
  • Learn And Implement A New Sales & Marketing Approach – for instance, by producing Facebook Live sessions, sending out broadcast text messages or by having your employees produce a Tik Tok video.
  • Utilize Free Time to Strengthen Strategic Relationships – for example, you might be able to work with your strategic partners in some way to promote your industry in some way that could lead to new opportunities.
  • Have Your Idle Employees Engage in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Training.
  • Create New Relationships by Giving Back to The Community – as individuals, as a company, and/or with others (which you can choose to promote or not.)
  • Try Other Value-Added Opportunities – like starting a community page on social media to exchange ideas for surviving this crisis.


Babe Ruth was quoted as saying “it’s hard to beat someone who never gives up.” This crisis will pass as others have. The key to surviving this crisis is to adjust to it, so that you grow stronger because of it. Try some of the above ideas … they could very well lead to new opportunities you might not be able to see today.



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