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Graduation Wisdom for the New Work World

By Mary Ann Faremouth,


Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, represents courage, civilization, law, strength, the arts and skill.  Athena had a significant role in the Greek mythology and in the lives of the Athenians and all Greeks.  She was also known for being a powerful defender in war but also a powerful peacemaker.  We often see her depicted with her sword and shield to illustrate perhaps the metaphorical battles we all as humans will face in our lifetime.  And for the graduates of 2021, whether they be graduates of high school or college, all will seek the wisdom to know how to navigate these uncertain and challenging times.

Reflecting back on a commencement address I gave at a local college to graduates in 2019, I realized how different things are now for 2021 graduates.  The etymology of the word “graduate” which comes from the Latin word “gradus” struck me.  The word “gradus” traces back to the word “step”  and I thought how different the steps  going forward might be in 2021, than they were in 2019.  And then Athena’s sword popped into my head. What if we considered Athena’s sword being made up of 5 mini swords or steps a new graduate could use in these challenging times?  Would these steps be somewhat of a roadmap or strategic partner to help them on their journey? Perhaps this infused sword could even be considered as a strategic weapon that might make the journey a bit less bumpy?  A way to slay this battle of finding a job or right course of study to restore internal or external peace along the way? And then I thought of “The Faremouth Method.”

The “Faremouth Method” is a tried and true method I have used in my recruiting practice for over 30 years.  It is a series of steps that is very methodical in its approach, but has allowed me to help thousands of candidates  land successful jobs or educational pursuits in the past and even just recently, in the midst of these very different times.  There is no “one size fits all approach” of course, and these steps below are a brief overview of the method. The steps can always be tailored to yield a successful application to your employment quest.

Also, included in the steps below, I did a bit of research from commencement addresses in the past from famous people who have imparted their wisdom to graduates.  I tried to select their tips under the appropriate steps to illustrate their application.

Let’s take a look at the Faremouth Method below:

1.      Do A Self-Inventory – Where are you on your journey at this time?  What is your first choice, second choice of a job now?  Where are your passions, interests, dreams?

 Ralph Waldo Emerson (writer, philosopher) said, “What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies
 within us.”  And Steve Jobs of Apple once said, “You’ve got to find what you love.”

2.      Ask Better Questions – What jobs or career paths are in demand right now that would

utilize your skillset?  Does your resume reflect it accurately to align with the algorithms of the digital world of today to be selected for an interview? What can you imagine yourself to be doing in your next job?

Jon Steward, (writer, media critic) said, “The unfortunate, yet truly exciting thing about your life is that there is no core curriculum.  The entire place is an elective.”
Albert Einstein noted, “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

3.      Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – What else could you do to fulfill your passions

In your career if your first choice isn’t open to you at this time?  What could you do

to prepare for something totally new?

J.K. Rowling (author) said, “We do not need magic to change the world, we carry the power we need inside ourselves already:  we have the power to imagine better.”
Michael Keaton (actor) said, “Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks.”

4.      Take The Time To Do It Right – Have a solid plan and execute your plan.  Visit with

Career Consultant, College Advisor, Mentor, Relative or Friend.  Don’t rush the

Process.   Network, Network, Network

Joe Girard, (author) said, “ The elevator to success is out of order.  You will have to take the stairs… step

  At a time.”

“Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook/founder of Leanin, stated, “People are More Important than Technology”

5.     Be A Hunter – After you execute your plan, GO AFTER IT.  You need to make a concerted

Effort to make things happen.  Don’t let anyone stop you from your dream.

Writer Theodore Suess Geisel (Dr. Suess) said, “ Be Who You Are And Say What You Feel, Because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter, And Those Who Do Matter Don’t Mind.”
Babe Ruth, famous baseball player said, “Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out Keep You From Playing The Game.”

Remember Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and her sword to defend herself in the battles of life to execute her dreams.  This powerful sword infused with the 5 steps of the Faremouth Method can assist you on your journey to actualize your vision and purpose in 2021.  Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far!  Make your journey one of amazing new discoveries about who you are and what you can accomplish!  As Actress, Audrey Hepburn says, “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says “I’M Possible.” And author C.S. Lewis admonished, “There are far better things ahead than we leave behind.”

Faremouth & Company is committed to assist you on your journey!  Check with our website at for upcoming webinars and workshops intensives. With the right steps as your strategic weapon on your journey to success you can make all your personal and professional dreams come true!


Mary Ann Faremouth 

Mary Ann holds a CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) credential, was certified by the Board of Regents of the National Association of Personnel Consultants in Washington, D.C., and was awarded an Advanced Communicator Bronze,  Advanced Leader Bronze Awards by Toastmasters. She cofounded Jobs: Houston magazine in 1997. Mary Ann maintains affiliations with professional organizations, including oil and gas, financial, construction, IT, and structural, mechanical, and civil engineering. (

Mary Ann’s award-winning first book Revolutionary Recruiting has been listed by Book Authority as Number #1 Best 100 Recruiting Books; #1 Best Seller, Non-Fiction, Amazon (2019); Top 20 Recruiting books, Recruitics; Readers’ Choice finalist (2019), Houston Literary Awards; Best Non-Fiction (2018), Best Cover (2019), and Best Self-Help (2018), Authors Marketing Guild. Her books support individuals and corporations, tap into each candidate’s unrealized potential to find the right person for each job, maximizing both employee satisfaction and the employer’s bottom line. Mary Ann showcases her expertise of the recruiting world on a monthly podcast for The Price of Business and weekly articles for USA Business.  Her new workbook, Revolutionary Reinvention, was recently released on Amazon. Mary Ann lives in Houston, Texas.

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