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When Should You Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

Accidents, particularly involving trucks, are extremely dangerous and often fatal because of the size and weight of trucks. Often, these mishaps are caused due to the negligence of either truck drivers or transportation companies. With passing years, the number of fatalities due to truck accidents is increasing. Northern Virginia witnessed 2,356 road mishaps involving large trucks in 2020. With these high figures of truck accidents, people need to know when to hire a northern virginia truck accident lawyer. 


5 Times When You Should Consider Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney


  • When you are injured


You should speak to a professional attorney immediately if you are hit by a truck without fault. You may still be able to swiftly recover some of your damages even if you had minor culpability. For instance, in some road mishaps, both drivers may be at blame. A lawyer can advise you in this situation regarding your eligibility for compensation.


  • When you can’t work


When your injuries from the truck accident are severe enough that you can’t continue working, you will need a professional accident attorney by your side. According to reports, around 4,119 people in northern Virginia, died from truck accidents in 2019. Unfortunately, many families lost their breadwinners in these accidents and thus, found it challenging to fulfill their basic financial needs. Hiring a northern Virginia truck accident lawyer can prove fruitful in such a case. As a result, these lawyers can help victims recover their lost wages in compensation from the party at fault. 


  • When you need ongoing medical treatment:


You must work with a lawyer if you were injured during the truck accident and need ongoing medical treatment. Complicated or severe injuries are more likely to result in permanent disabilities; thus, you might require ongoing treatment. In addition, an experienced attorney can help you file a lawsuit against the truck driver for sufficient compensation for your treatment. 


In addition, if you lost someone close in a truck accident, an accident attorney can help you receive the necessary compensation. About 5,000 people are killed in large truck crashes across the northern Virginia region, accounting for 14% of all the state’s crash fatalities. Although money can’t replace your family member, the compensation can help you provide a better future for your remaining family. 


  • When the liability is disputed:


It is preferable to get a knowledgeable attorney to represent you in court if there is a question about whether the truck driver was at fault. Police records can occasionally be ambiguous or inaccurate, and the insurance provider for the truck driver will work to protect its own interests. Additionally, proving the driver’s liability can be difficult, mainly when unaware of the law. An experienced lawyer will know how to prove liability and deal with insurers. 


  • When an insurance company refuses to pay for damages:


Suppose you file an insurance claim to your insurer for the truck driver. However, they might refuse to cooperate or pay for the damages; you will need to work with an experienced lawyer. It is a widespread tactic for insurers to deny insurance claims or settle for less. For example, a lawyer can help you take your case to a trial when an insurer refuses to pay fair compensation. 




If any of the circumstances mentioned above apply to your case, and you were involved in a truck accident, an experienced attorney can help you in the case. These attorneys know the rules for such cases and can help you legally receive just compensation.

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