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The Power of Intuition

The Price of Business Digital Network has a new series of outstanding commentaries from thought leaders.  This is one in that series. 

Michele Blood

Intuition is part of consciousness. Developing our Intuition is vitally important if we wish to be free and KNOW that we KNOW. Logic has nothing to do with Intuition nor does so-called common sense. Hello, my friend. This is Michele Blood. I am a best-selling author, singer, and creator with Bob Proctor of Songs For Success through Affirmation Power. Today I am delighted to speak to you about the most important topic to assist you to be not only happier, however, to also become very successful. Intuition! The most successful people that I know and have had the joy and the privilege to work with have strong intuition. Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Richard Branson, to name a few, are guided by that still, small voice we call Intuition. As we melt away the ice of duality we can then tap deeply into the power of our Intuition where we are always clearly guided. With this guidance, our life becomes a glorious, happy, and purposeful experience. Whenever we are doing mind practices to bring more clarity and positive emotion, such as meditation and affirmations, our minds become clearer and more focused. We are happier, and our Intuition becomes stronger. And I’m telling you, my friend, people with strong Intuition are definitely the happiest souls I have ever met because they can trust that they are guided from on high, and that relieves so much stress. When we understand what Intuition is as opposed to a strong emotion we are feeling, “Oh, I’m feeling so strong about this. It must be my Intuition.” No, it’s not. Intuition is a very still, small voice. Just a very gentle feeling. “This is the way to go.”And once we understand that and follow it our life dramatically changes to the positive. We are guided. Our Higher Self will be speaking directly to us. We will know whom to speak to, when to speak to them, where to go, and more importantly where not to go. This is so profoundly important for any soul to become FREE. We will be genuinely, Divinely guided. So, study Intuition and begin with a few simple tools. Meditation practice, mindfulness, when followed these tools really assist us tap into the power of our Intuition.You know, scientists have been doing this for millennia. They go into a dark room, they write a question down. “How can I create so and so? What is the meaning of this mathematical equation? What do I do next?” Then they go into a dark room in silence, have a pen and paper ready, and they wait until the answer comes to them. The greatest scientists I have ever read about practice the power of intuition by going into silence.I have been teaching this for many, many years and I have worked with the most incredibly well-known people. I’m name dropping because I can! I met them through the power of Intuition.So, if you want to learn more about the power of Intuition and how to become more successful in your life go to Thank you so much!

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