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7 Tips on How To Identify Your Gifted Purpose


Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, welcomed Cynthia Appiah to provide another commentary in a series.

The Cynthia Appiah Commentaries

Hello and welcome to Get Empowered & Get The Crown with Cynthia Appiah.

I am Cynthia Appiah, the CEO and founder of Beauty From within Coaching & Consulting LLC, your one- stop empowerment center.

I have a special empowerment gift for you, repeat this Beauty From Within Empowerment affirmation every day, and watch your life become more positive. Y’all ready?  Ok, repeat after me, I’m good, I’m fabulous, I’m good, I’m fabulous, I can do everything I set my mind to, I can do everything  I set my mind to, I’m good, I’m fabulous, I’m good, I’m fabulous, I can do everything I set my mind to, I can do everything I set my mind to,  I know that my beauty is from within. Hey, welcome to Get Empowered & Get The Crown!

Today,  I am going to share with you 7 Tips on How to Identify Your Purpose

I  have had the privilege of working with ambitious people , globally, who are destined for greatness, but often times, they have a difficult time finding their purpose. Throughout the years, people have approached me and asked me the specific question: “ How do I know or find what my purpose is?” To help answer this question, for my clients, and the many people who have asked me this, I have created 7 helpful tips I share with my clients and other ambitious people who find difficulty in identifying their purpose.

I am a believer in God, who is my source of living ( some identify it as pure energy, the universe, Allah, etc). Whatever you call the “source”, and in this case, for me, it’s God. I believe God has given every person what they need to succeed in life so that we all can live abundantly. Therefore, I will start this piece with a bible verse Romans chapter 12 versus:6–8.

“6 We all have gifts. They differ according to the grace God has given to each of us. Do you have the gift of prophecy? Then use it according to the faith you have. If your gift is serving, then serve. If it is teaching, then teach. Is it encouraging others? Then encourage them. Is it giving to others? Then give freely. Is it being a leader? Then work hard at it. Is it showing mercy? Then do it cheerfully.”

I believe one of the reasons we are on this earth is to use our God-given gifts to enhance the lives of others. Once you have identified your gifts, it opens the door to your purpose.

Here are my 7 helpful tips on how to identify your God-given gifts that will open the door to your purpose.

Tip Number 1: Identify all your interest. Identify everything you love to do and everything that just comes easy and write it down.

Take this time to brainstorm and truly focus on what makes you happy and focus on what skills and talents come easy to you without hesitation.

Tip Number 2: Pray about it or meditate to help calm your mind and center you.

If you are a believer, praying helps you stay grounded and focused. Some meditate to help them become more centered. In this state, what you have identified in tip number 1 becomes visibly clear and the answer will start to appear for you.

Tip Number 3: Ask your friends & family for guidance.

When you surround yourself with friends and family who are supportive and encouraging and each one loves to see you win, their opinions and perspectives can help you further identify your gifts. Sometimes friends and family can help point you or identify some of the great characteristics that can help you come closer to identifying your gifts. They can help you answer questions such as:

*What are some of the great things about me?

*What do people admire about me?

*What have you always noticed about me?

Tip Number 4: Narrow Your List

Using what you have identified in the previous process, narrow your list of talents, skills, and interests you have identified.

Tip Number 5: Come back to the list with a fresh set of eyes

Out of college, I held a job as a healthcare marketing and administrative assistant for a health care policy agency. Every time I created a project and presented it to my manager, she would say, “ Cynthia, good job, but let’s come back to it and look at it with a fresh set of new eyes.” What she said was so excellent, and as an adult I have implemented this thinking in everything I do. Apply this thinking to the list you have narrowed. Coming back to your narrowed list with more clarity can help you become closer to identifying your gifts that will lead you to your purpose.

Tip Number 6: Number it from 1–10

Using your narrowed list of skills and talents you have identified for yourself, number your interest and the things you love to do with ease from 1–10. If you did not give your identified skill or talent a 10, remove it from the list. What you have removed, can still be a gift, but it is not your passion that can provide you with the tools needed to lead you to your purpose. If it is a 10, that is a passion and will be more purposeful to follow.

Tip Number 7: Create an action plan for your purpose

Look through the list you narrowed and does anything your friends or family say about you match up with what you have identified? Was there a common skill, passion, or talent that was consistent? Use the list you have identified to create an action plan to unleash your purpose. This tip takes a lot of self-discovery. It is very important to do this with clarity, so take your time to get to the result you are looking to achieve. Here is an equation I have developed to empower you to live your purpose.

Passion+ Cultivate + Persistence + Share with the world to enhance the lives of others consistently = That equals your Purpose! 

A person’s passion often times is tied in with their gift. If you cultivate and persistently pursue your God-given gift and share with the world consistently, you have reached your purpose.

In conclusion, every person on this earth has a gift, and being able to share that gift with the world is what makes you unique, and honing in on that gift is what can empower you to unleash your purpose. The path to self-discovery and following the tips, I have shared with you today will help you get to the results you are looking to achieve and unleash your God-given gift that will lead you to your purpose.

Thank you for listening! This is Cynthia Appiah with Get Empowered  & Get The Crown!  Until I empower you again, please visit our website:  and please follow me on Instagram @amma_gynmea

Cynthia Appiah, MSW, CLC,  founder of Beauty From Within Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Cynthia has helped her clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. She has spent 10 + years helping individuals to create a lifestyle of success and balance. Throughout her life, people have always gravitated towards her for support and guidance. Because of her natural intuitive ability, she started a career as a social worker helping each person become the best version of themselves. As a social worker, she realized that she had a gift for empowering people to succeed and guide their life. Her goal is to use her entertainment platform to inspire ambitious women and pageant beauties to embrace their beauty from within. She is a sought-after pageant judge, motivational speaker, branding & marketing expert, top content creator for an AI photography brand, and creative visionary of CynthiaTV.


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