Lifestyle,Media “Simple” Sparklers are Dangerous Too, Here’s Why

“Simple” Sparklers are Dangerous Too, Here’s Why

Fireworks are about as American as baseball, hot dogs and good old apple pie. Since the beginning of our country, families have taken to the park, their backyards, and neighborhoods to use fireworks in celebration of Independence Day.

Caution has been emphasized for decades, but there is an “innocence” around sparklers that have often led to a cavalier attitude. As a result, this ostensibly safe form of celebrating a holiday can be very dangerous.

“Sparklers have been an Independence Day tradition for generations, adding festive flare to July 4th celebrations large and small.  People of all ages, but particularly children, delight in their glittery trail of sparks and crackling effects.  However, because sparklers burn at a temperature of approximately 1,800° F, care must be taken to use them properly, especially around children,” said Julie L. Heckman, Executive Director of the American Pyrotechnics Safety & Education Foundation (APSEF). That is a lot of heat.

In a new video the Foundation’s Professor Sparkz urges parents and children to be “Sparkler Safe” this 4th of July by explaining tips on how to use sparklers properly and safely.

“The Independence Day holiday is the most popular day of the year to celebrate with sparklers and other types of backyard fireworks so safety must be a top priority,” cautioned Jason Trout, APSEF President.  As a result, it important that families take the time to plan their fireworks celebrations carefully by selecting a safe location that is free from trash and other debris, and also has a flat level surface.  Also, people must make certain to read and follow all instructions for use and keep spectators at a very safe distance.

The APSEF encourages consumers to observe all local laws and be very mindful of restrictions on fireworks usage in areas affected by dry or drought conditions, which is a very common and dangerous problem today.  Also, please be considerate of your neighbors as unexpected fireworks use can be traumatic for military veterans, families with young children, and pets.

The public can learn more about how to #CelebrateSafely by downloading these safety tips

Remember to be #SparklerSafe and #CelebrateSafely this 4th of July!

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