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4 Aspects to Consider During Design of an E-Commerce Site

Irrespective of the kind of business you are doing, there’s just one strategy that can improve the rate of success and that is to take your business online and market it through an enticing e-commerce site. It is very much vital for companies in the field of e-commerce to own a website that is strategized and designed meticulously.

There are several things that need to be considered while designed an e-commerce website such as online trading website. Even though you can depend upon experts for the purpose, it is essential that you are aware of few tips and tricks to provide your inputs as the business owner and participate actively in the web design process.

You may get advice from friends or business partners about what things you need to take into consideration while designing the website, but that may not be technologically sound enough. However, you should also be aware of what not to do.

While the list is rather lengthy, we’ll just discuss about 4 most important things to avoid while designing ecommerce portal.

Poorly Place ‘Contact Us’ Links

People have become so used to comfort that they want everything they need at hand instantly. When they visit your portal and find the products and services to meet their needs, the first thing they would like to know is how to contact you or your business location and that too they will need it instantaneously without the trouble of putting in more efforts to search the contact details. So, it is important to provide the contact details or a quick link for contact info from every page on the website.

Never overlook this aspect while designing your ecommerce portal as several potential customers may just leave your webpage if they don’t find any easy means of contacting you; it’s a no-brainer that nobody really wants to struggle for several minutes to find the “contact” link!

Don’t Incorporate a Complicated Navigation System

Try to make things easier for the webpage visitors. Instead of creating a content maze, try keeping the layout simple with easy navigation so that even tech-beginners can find out what they are searching for. If the customers have to hunt low and high for info and search vigorously for products, they may get bugged up and leave the site. While designing website, be it forex trading or a shoe site, get opinions from other people. Once a design is drafted, get feedback from people about how simple the navigation level is.

Avoid Large Images

If an ecommerce portal has large pictures and many products, there are chances that these pages get loaded very slowly, which again tests the patience of the website visitors and they prefer to look for something else rather than wasting their time waiting for the page to load. Shared hosting can slow down a server and give the feeling of an unprofessional website. Once the site is designed, ensure that the pages load pretty fast; if not, get rid of some unwanted images or reduce the size.

Avoid Including Very Less Text and More Graphics

Normally, people make use of search engines when they search for a particular product or service and these search engines understand text and not graphics. So, it is important that you include a modest amount of content related to your business after analyzing what words people could use for searching your business. This way, you can rank well on the result page.

Now that you are aware of few of the important things to avoid while designing an ecommerce website, implement the right things and grow your business. Once your portal is launched, it is equally important to keep updating it on regular basis depending upon what offers you have in store for your customers. But, no matter what you do, save your portal from getting obsolete it all costs, because visitors and search engines love fresh contents and new enticing deals alike!

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