Business Fed Raises Interest Rates and What it Means to Small Business

Fed Raises Interest Rates and What it Means to Small Business

Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Joseph Meuse.

Price and Meuse look at the Fed’s recent increase in interest rates and look at the impact it will have on businesses, employees, and customers.

After years on Wall Street, Joseph Meuse created Business GPS because he was looking to use his experience and business acumen to help struggling businesses. Enter COVID-19, and his company is helping hundreds of businesses get government loans, decrease their commercial rental payments, negotiate their loans to better terms – all on contingency.  It is a unique business model, where Business GPS gets paid at the end of the process.


A serial entrepreneur over the past 30 years, Mr. Meuse has started and built over a dozen successful businesses and in the process has also helped thousands of other US companies execute on their business plans. Sectors of experience span financial services, investment banking, accounting and finance, IT, business consulting and legal services, giving Joe a broad perspective on best business practices and how they can be most effectively transferred across categories.  As a thought leader in business transformation and financial management, Mr. Meuse has been a regular contributor on TV and radio, including CNN, CNBC and Fox.


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