Business,Lifestyle Engaging our Intuition in 2021

Engaging our Intuition in 2021

By Sally Bartolameolli & Kim Siongco,


The term intuition is not new to most of us, although we sometimes forget about its enormous value in our lives and decision-making process, in the rationally minded culture we live. Rather than employing our intuition as a skill to leverage in our decision-making, we stay polarized with rigid thinking, making lists of reasons to choose one direction or the other, and abandon a more balanced approach.

At LORA Bridges, Leadership, Openness, Results & Awareness, we teach practices from the four archetypal energies that we believe live within each of us. When intentionally activated, the tools and techniques from these archetypes offer us a broader perspective of wisdom, more choices, and increasingly balanced approaches to living.

In the Openness quadrant, we teach individuals and organizations to open to our body’s wisdom and to our emotional intelligence. It’s often in a feeling and a nudging in our body that our intuition first gets our attention, like an eager child tugging on our shirt sleeve to tell us something of importance.

When our bodies and our emotions speak to us, we learn to pay attention.

In our attentive listening to this nudging, we build a bridge between the Openness & Awareness quadrants. In the partnering of our body and mind, a new perspective for our decision-making is illuminated.

Our body’s intuitive knowing does not replace our rational mind. We build a bridge for transformation with both.


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”

                                                                        ~Albert Einstein



During my training and interviews with Sonia Choquette, the world-renowned Sixth Sensory professional and New York Times Best Selling author, she confirmed my 30 years of experience. Intuition matters.

When we claim agency over our own body and mind, and their capacities to see wider perspectives together, we leverage the wisdom of both. We are now free to utilize both intuitive and rational intelligence.  Many of us have been trained to ignore our body’s attention-getting signals, but resilience and grit teach us to reclaim our emotional and somatic intelligences that live within us.

These simple techniques will develop your skill in bridging your body and mind’s insight:

  1. Breathe deeply. Incorporate simple meditation and breathing techniques into your life to awaken your body’s sagacity and open your mind’s perspectives.
  2. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and remind both your body and your mind that you are listening. Tell yourself that you trust that the answer is within, and let yourself meditate on the direction to take. Practice trusting that your body and mind want to work together.
  3. Once the timer goes off, set it again for 5-10 minutes, and write. Write whatever thoughts are there, keep the pen or pencil moving on the paper without editing.
  4. Read over what has been written and see what new possibilities have opened to you. Pay attention as you read through what you have written, and listen to what resonates in your body and your mind.
  5. Continue practicing meditation, deep breathing, and journaling to claim agency over your intuition. Bridge these archetypal energies of Openness & Awareness for deeper, hidden gems of your own intuitive nudging℠.


At LORA Bridges we empower transformation for the purpose of building bridges.

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