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Is It Time To Stop Being a Warrior?


Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Wendy Bjork.

The Wendy Bjork Commentaries

When we think of a warrior, we often imagine someone who is strong and courageous. This is not a bad image to have, but it is not the whole picture.

The Bible features several stories of heroes who were warriors. These stories are examples of how a person can overcome challenges and defeat a powerful enemy. In these stories, the warriors were able to win because they were confident in their abilities and they knew God was with them.

They were also willing to go into battle even when they didn’t know what the outcome would be. This is a form of bravery and strength that isn’t always easy to achieve.

The origin of the word “warrior” lies in the Old Northern French “werreior,” which literally means “one who makes war.” The implications of this term played a major role in defining the way of life for much of civilization.


Is this term being mis-used and overused? We hear of people dealing with illnesses and other challenges calling themselves warriors.  Even I used to use this term, as the M.S. Warrior Queen.  I thought, if I am a warrior, I will never stop fighting to reclaim my health.


That’s the wrong approach. You see, it’s not about the war, it’s about acceptance and navigating life to start healing.

A true warrior is invincible because he or she contests with nothing.


Is it time to end the use of using “warrior” as a label and begin living in acceptance?

Not in a constant mode of fight or flight.  The goal is to learn to recognize when your fight or flight response is being triggered by everyday, non-threatening stressors.


I have called myself a warrior many times over the 35 years of navigating multiple sclerosis.  Until I realized I was causing my body more unseen stress by claiming the fight status.

When you feel a warrior spirit rising in your heart, it’s time to claim it as a sign to dig deeper into your thoughts, feelings and aspirations. This can be done through a number of different methods, but ultimately, you must identify what your soul purpose is and hold onto that. This will allow you to reaffirm your purpose in life and find new ways to be of service to others.

Wendy Bjork, founder of is a pioneer in advocacy and mentorship.  Wendy is leading a global revolution of women walking in purpose and peace as she illumines their path ahead with the light of HOPE:  Harmony, Options, Peace & Empowerment.

She empowers women to step into their boldness, stand in their resilience and own their Truth.  Through Wendy’s guidance, they are finally seen, heard and understood.

Wendy has authored two books and co-authored a third, “Fired Up!,” a #1 International bestseller. She is a regular contributor on the digital platforms and to the National MS Society’s Momentum Magazine.  She is regularly invited on discussions, podcasts, interviews as she shares her story and hope to inspire others.

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