Lifestyle Misinformation About the Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

Misinformation About the Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. B., a  pediatrician; Mr. W., a researcher; Mr. J., a businessman; Mrs. K., a nurse; Mrs. R., a mother and Mrs. G. a housewife — all of these people were Type 2 diabetes patients taking insulin, while being led to believe that their condition was caused by “insulin resistance”. 

If Dr. B. had asked what caused his diabetes, he would have been told that cells in his body became resistant to insulin, though no proof of this is given. If Mr. W. had asked what the reason was for cells to resist insulin, he would have received no explanation. If Mr. J. had asked about why insulin injections were used for diabetics, he would have been told about its success in Type 1 diabetics. If Mrs. K. had asked whether insulin injections prevent complications, the answer would have been no. If Mrs. R. had asked why to inject insulin she was supposedly resistant to, she would have received no clear answer. If Mrs. G had asked how severe her insulin resistance was, she would have been told it could not be measured.

The consequences experienced by these patients were as follows: Dr. B. suffered a heart attack. Mr. W. developed cancer. Mr. J. developed vision damage. Mrs. K. developed kidney failure. Mrs. R. developed Alzheimer’s and Mrs. G. needed amputation of her legs, in spite of each of them keeping their blood sugar controlled with insulin injections. 

Studies show that diabetics have a 50% risk of sustaining damage to kidney function, a 25% chance of complications related to vision, and an increased prospect of sustaining complications related to heart, blood vessels, limbs, and brain functions compared to people without diabetes. From 2017 to 2020, there were over 1 million deaths in the U.S., either directly due to Type 2 diabetes or from its being a contributing cause.

Findings like these prompted me to spend 25 years investigating the real cause of Type 2 diabetes and proposing a more logical cure.

Diabetes: The Real Cause

Endocrinologists promote insulin resistance as the cause of Type 2 diabetes because it is the only theory they know despite a lack of scientific evidence. How did this happen? It began with the mistaken adaptation of Type 1 diabetes.

Long ago, it was discovered that children with Type 1 diabetes did not produce any insulin in their pancreas, so their cells could not absorb the glucose in the bloodstream that is necessary to fuel cell functioning. Insulin injections saved them from an early death. 

In 1931, a Viennese medical professor, Dr. Wilhelm Falta, hypothesized that adults with diabetes had sufficient insulin but somehow their cells had become resistant to it. He provided no scientific proof. Yet, endocrinologists, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers of glucose monitoring gadgets latched onto Dr. Falta’s hypothesis. On the surface, it appears to make sense to explain the dilemma of why adults and even children who are producing insulin still have high blood sugar. The problem is that no experiment has ever proven how billions of cells in the body can become resistant to a natural body hormone. No test has ever been developed to measure the degree of someone’s insulin resistance.  And there has been no validated explanation of the biological mechanism for why the resistance appears or disappears in some people.

The notion of insulin resistance is a case of wanting a scientific theory to be true while waiting for the hypothesis to be validated later. This is called “confirmation bias,” when you mistakenly see any type of evidence as proving your theory. 

A far more logical and biologically sensible hypothesis for the real cause of Type 2 diabetes is that our modern diet full of grains and grain flour products triggers the normal body metabolism of muscle cells burning fatty acids to go haywire. The overconsumption of grains causes fatty acids that cannot be stored in the fat cells to remain in the bloodstream. Muscle cells begin burning those fatty acids rather than glucose, leaving glucose in the bloodstream, eventually causing Type 2 diabetes. 

In my book, DIABETES: The Real Cause & The Right Cure, I explain the biology of this theory and why it clarifies how both thin and obese people can develop diabetes. It explains why children at younger and younger ages are becoming diabetic. It illuminates why some pregnant women develop gestational diabetes and reverse it after giving birth. And it explains why diabetes is rampant in every nation where the diet is increasingly based on high consumption of grains.  

My book then provides 8 steps to reverse Type 2 diabetes by altering what you eat and how you consume food. If you want to change your life and avoid the serious complications of diabetes, I hope you will read it. 

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