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The Greatest Gift for the New Work World

By Mary Ann Faremouth, CPC


Valentine’s Day is the traditional day each year when we celebrate love. Right after the winter holidays, we begin seeing shelves stocked with heart-shaped candies and jewelry, tents set up near grocery stores selling flowers, and advertisements about the perfect gift for the significant person or people in our lives. On that holiday we are encouraged to think of whom we love the most — even though we often forget to love ourselves.

Being in alignment with who we truly are is the epitome of loving ourselves. From that very important place, all the beauty and fulfillment in our lives can flow. In our careers, being in alignment with our talents and giving them to the world are the greatest presents both for ourselves and others. When we value ourselves and own our talents, we can be the best version of ourselves.

That all sounds great, doesn’t it? But where do you start?

A self-inventory is crucial. What do you do if you feel lost and unsure of what that core is anymore? Have you ever known? Who are you? Have you changed? What do you truly value and want from your career and your life? If you don’t know who you are, how can you identify and achieve what you desire?

What is self-love? This is love of self in its purest form. It is an examination of what our needs are for us to be our best selves. We need to have a sense of space, purpose, and recognition of value. When we ignore our own needs to be the healthiest mentally, spiritually, and physically, we do ourselves a major disservice. It’s important to feel that we are the best of who we can be on all levels.

Put your energy into your relationship with yourself. Bask in the beautiful brilliance that is you, and treat yourself to all the greatness that you long for and deserve. Try one or a few of these ideas and see which ones resonate with you:

1. Create a Positive Mantra

We all have an internal recording that we sometimes are not even aware of. Be mindful of your inner voice and guide it to choose positive messages whenever negativity starts to speak loudly. Try saying, “I am a person of high worth” or, “Self-love is my trademark,” or, “The year I am in will be my best year ever!”

2. Surround Yourself With Beauty

Our outer environment influences our internal condition. Create a physical space that makes you feel good! Fresh flowers and an organized space can add to the vibration of self-love and foster peace and relaxation.

3. Investigate Opportunities for Methods of Expansion and Self-Growth

Check into classes or seminars that may help you get into better alignment with who you are or who you want to become. Various clients in my recruiting practice are struggling with the current talent shortage and jobs staying open for weeks on end, turn- downs, and no starts. You might find you love your job more if you are open to different methods in your staffing practices or job searches.

4. Write Yourself a Love Note or Begin Journaling

Write down all the qualities you like about yourself. For this exercise, release the negativity and be determined not to focus on your flaws. Consider this a reprogramming to enhance your self-love and instill hope in your future journey of growth.

5. Begin a Practice of Small, Daily Achievable Goals

We don’t always have to strive for a huge goal. Go for small accomplishments that enhance your self-love. For example, your goal might be to add 15 minutes to your daily walk. Begin a meditation practice upon getting out of bed in the morning. Allow time for something that brings you joy and pleasure, such as reading a book, watching a movie, or maybe spending less time on social media. Remember, self-love is about giving yourself a gift that you mostly give to others. When you put yourself in the equation, you have more to give yourself and others.

On Valentine’s Day and every other day, don’t underestimate the power and value of nurturing the relationship that you have with yourself. The next time this holiday comes around, hold on to the belief that we deserve to treat ourselves with love and respect. Self-doubt can get in the way of happiness. Self-love is essential to success in life, it breeds confidence, success, and joyful moments. With it comes the power to infuse light and love into every corner of your life and is also the key to creating healthy and meaningful relationships with others. Set aside time to honor, love, and pamper the amazing, priceless gift to the world that is you. You are the most important person in your life. When you truly love you, you have more to give to others.

Mary Ann Faremouth 

Mary Ann holds a CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) credential, was certified by the Board of Regents of the National Association of Personnel Consultants in Washington, D.C., and was awarded an Advanced Communicator Bronze,  Advanced Leader Bronze Awards by Toastmasters. She cofounded Jobs: Houston magazine in 1997. Mary Ann maintains affiliations with professional organizations, including oil and gas, financial, construction, IT, and structural, mechanical, and civil engineering. (

Mary Ann’s award-winning first book Revolutionary Recruiting has been listed by Book Authority as Number #1 Best 100 Recruiting Books; #1 Best Seller, Non-Fiction, Amazon (2019); Top 20 Recruiting books, Recruitics; Readers’ Choice finalist (2019), Houston Literary Awards; Best Non-Fiction (2018), Best Cover (2019), and Best Self-Help (2018), Authors Marketing Guild. Her books support individuals and corporations, tap into each candidate’s unrealized potential to find the right person for each job, maximizing both employee satisfaction and the employer’s bottom line. Mary Ann showcases her expertise of the recruiting world on a monthly podcast for The Price of Business and weekly articles for USA Business.  Her new workbook, Revolutionary Reinvention, was recently released on Amazon. Mary Ann lives in Houston, Texas.

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